How do organisations flourish?

By building work places people love.

Vilo exists to power up leaders and teams

What we do

Build Teams

Vilo develops teams that are more effective and add more value to your organisation. Our collective leadership programmes create bonds through embedding a common purpose, creating team alliance, and leveraging team strengths.

Develop Leaders

We design and deliver tailored group and one to one coaching, workshops, and development programmes.  We grow managers and leaders to create the right future for your organisation.

Strengthen HR

From articulating HR strategy and EVP to delivering HR projects and building HR teams, we boost your HR capability, confidence and reputation. Vilo acts as an extension of your HR function.  We build HR communities in and between organisations.

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Why do we do this

We believe in possibility and opportunity. We wake up every day on a mission to enable individuals, teams and workplaces to exceed their potential and have a positive impact on the world.

Our vision is to transform the world of work by creating better workplaces, stronger leaders, outstanding teams, and great cultures.

Our methodology

We collaborate. We get to the crux of your people challenges and opportunities. We design intelligent, pragmatic, and creative solutions. We deliver every time. We always have skin in the game.

Our methods are direct, to the point and devoid of fluff.


We are a team of expert consultants, with diverse experience and perspectives. We’ve all worked in-house as well as in consultancy experience, and we know what makes organisations tick.

Lorna Bains


“I’m on a mission to end the tyranny of boring, unfulfilling work. I work with leaders and teams to enable them to accelerate their development, deliver brilliantly and create the future for themselves, their teams, and their organisations. I’ve experienced the joy of building and leading extraordinary teams in consultancy and in-house roles across geographies and sectors.”

Katie O’Hare


“I’m fascinated by behaviour and how it helps us achieve great relationships and do great work. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with leaders and teams in specialist and global businesses to bring this passion and experience into their workspace to accelerate theirs and their team’s development in pursuit of better results.”

Lindsay Smith


“I am impassioned about Leadership Development, individually or as part of a team. I am curious about dynamics when people come together and work to enhance the relationship system in order that the best possible outcome can happen in any given situation. I work to build confidence, share tools and techniques and have leadership flow with ease to support what needs to be done.”

Emily Plumtree


“I bring a unique experience as a formally trained actor and theatre practitioner. I am enthusiastic about helping others grow in confidence, enhance their presence and develop powerful communication skills.

Working with groups and individuals designing and leading programmes I am able to enhance confidence, presence and impact in the workplace.”

Taran Kalsi


“I am a proactive problem solver who loves achieving effective lifecycle management through coaching leaders and managers.  I value the open and trusting relationship and connections with clients and individuals to help understand their culture and vision. As a consultant I have worked with organisations to set up and/or evolve HR functions, structure and capability.”

Gail McPake


I am a dynamic and collaborative leader with proven delivery at senior leadership level and as HR business partner to various stakeholders.  Having gained a wealth of skills and experience in-house, my passion is now to get the best out of people. I am driven to solve problems that make a real difference to people through leadership development, building high performing teams, wellbeing and culture.”

Gillian Niven

Operations Manager

“Passionate about delivering outstanding service to business and individuals. I love to build strong relationships and always want to find out more. Good coordination, connection and positivity are key to creating and maintaining a happy environment.”

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